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GEC’s Development service line targets both start-up companies and larger established or recently reorganized businesses. The latter, having hopefully outlived the early challenges and obstacles of starting, acquiring or restructuring their business and then struggling to reach a level of relative sustainability can ask themselves the following questions:

Development service assumes the establishment of a long-term sustainable partnership with our clients by providing outsourcing of innovative project design and implementation, business development and management. Our team of qualified project managers, field experts and practitioners help our clients in the development of innovations and implementation of business plans and corporate strategy. Through our experienced consultants, our clients boost their efficiency and effectiveness and their human and institutional capacity. We support our clients to continuously improve their operations and business processes, and consequently define and deploy complex ICT solutions. Skilled managers back our clients (through Team Shadowing) in the management of product lifecycle, financial flows, service quality, customer service, supply chain and technologies.



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