Organizational Development and HR Strategies

To remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, organizations must change. One of the most effective tools to promote successful change is organizational development (OD). OD increases organizational effectiveness through planned and structured changes to the organization’s processes, resulting in improvements in return on investment, productivity and employee satisfaction. Human Resources (HR) strategies support the realization of the vision and mission of the organization and achievement of its goals. HR strategies relate to the critical success factors of the organization and the impact high quality, committed people have on achieving an organization’s desired results. (Relying on HR strategies improves performance, training, development, process – needs to be more specific. HR improves personnel, OD improves the entire organization. Together, these improve the organization in the long-term.) Steps can then be agreed on and taken to improve performance through training, development, reorganization, the development of a performance management process, some form of business process re-engineering, or simply "taking cost out of the business”. There isn’t just one right way to formulate an effective HR strategy.




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