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GEC’s restructuring services orients itself around established companies that are seeking major reorganization of business operations, processes, capital structure, increasing their market share and improving their financial condition.

Companies and organizations are dynamic and living entities and do not perform well if any of their constituent parts does not synergize with the rest. Restructuring enables companies to improve on existing sets of organizational talents, abilities and expertise. It will also enable your company to revise its overall mission and achieve high performance results.

The main challenges of the restructuring process are alignment of internal structure and systems with current business strategy and getting the most out of people when your business needs and undergoes major changes. The restructuring process improves and optimizes corporate governance and structure, management systems, business process efficiencies and human resource performance, upgrades cost, operational and tax efficiency.

We provide a full range of restructuring services and solutions that range from initial organizational diagnosis and performance assessments, implementation of capital structure and financial restructuring to the realization of business process re-engineering, HR system remodeling, operation streamlining and ICT development. Within the restructuring process, we work in very close cooperation with our client organization and implement our services through a predetermined and pre-agreed change management process.


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