We create a culture of doing sustainable business. We provide unlimited opportunities and add value to individuals, organizations, value chains and industries to become more efficient, disciplined and upgraded through advanced performance improvement tools, knowledge and creativity. We ignite passion for business in everyone around us by serving as an example of an organization with supreme professionalism and integrity. We promote a culture of personal freedom and corporate pride accompanied by the synergy of team and individual thinking. At GEC, we constantly search new and innovative approaches to improve our everyday work.



To be the regional leader in business development, management consulting and serve as a reliable quality service provider and long-term partner to our clients. We aim to sustain our winning culture and deliver success forever. Quality is a term and concept we understand, strive to constantly improve and live by through the support we provide to our partners. We learn, we perform, we grow, we succeed with and for our partners and they succeed with us.




Reliability and Integrity – we promote the principle of mutual through being supportive, prompt, cooperative and effective. We realize integrity in the consistency of our actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. We rate reliability and integrity as core success factors in business, institutional and individual partnership, cooperation and work. These factors contribute to our value and success of our own organization and those of our partners.

Efficiency – we realize that efficiency creates value and plays a vital role in a competitive environment. We strive to be efficient and assist our partners to achieve efficiency by process optimization and integrated technology solutions.

Independence – we value independence as a main contributing factor of reputation building and professionalism. We promote independence in our actions, decisions and values.


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